Spatial data Visualization

GeoFIS is able to import vector and raster data. The display of data can be customized to visualize their geometry and distribution. See Starting with GeoFIS.

Filtering Data

This operation allows you to analyse the distribution of the data using a histogram, with the objective of quickly locate and filter outliers. A new “filtered” layer is generated.

Watch the video tutorial to filter data

Variogram analysis

The semivariogram describe the spatial structure of the data. It is possible to choose the variogram model that best fits the data and use it in kriging interpolation.

Spatial interpolation

This operation interpolate the spatial data on a regular grid. GeoFIS provides two interpolation methods: “kriging” and “inverse distance”.

Watch the video tutorial interpolation


See zoning documentation.

Zoning Opportunity Index

Data Fusion

See data fusion documentation.

R user script

A way for the user to extend the features of GeoFIS.
See R user script documentation.