Install on Windows

You must have administrative privileges to install GeoFIS on your computer.

Some GeoFIS operations needs the R software (version >= 4.0) to be installed for working.
We recommend to use the latest available R software for Windows, some R packages used by GeoFIS are not available (or have bugs) with older version of R.
The installation of R software will be proposed at the end of the GeoFIS installation wizard.

Download the installation wizard: and follow instructions to install GeoFIS.

Because the GeoFIS executables are not signed, Windows or your antivirus software will probably prevent you from executing the installer or the program itself. You can click “Run anyway” to install/run the program.

Training datasets are available in folder “C:\ProgramData\GeoFIS\data”.

You can check GeoFIS update availability from the Help menu (?) of the GeoFIS application.

By installing GeoFIS you accept the CeCILL free software license agreement