GeoFIS is a free and open source software platform for high spatial resolution data processing with a decision support perspective. GeoFIS is developed by a group of researchers from several French research and education institutions in the field of agriculture and environment (INRAE and l’Institut Agro Montpellier).

GeoFIS offers basic features such as import, visualization and export of geo-referenced data in common formats (vector and raster), classical geostatistical tools as well as new algorithms recently published (some of them specific to agriculture).

GeoFIS is a light platform with a simple interface, available in various languages, easy to use by professionals or students as part of training actions. GeoFIS is thus highly complementary to conventional GIS (Geographic Information Systems). Its interface with the R software allows for a fast implementation of prototypes designed in research labs.

Available since 2012, GeoFIS is already used by professionals of viticulture, by companies but also by various training organizations in the world for initial and all along life trainings.


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