Install on Linux

GeoFIS provides Debian packages to install on some Linux distributions. All required dependencies will be installed with GeoFIS (you must accept the dependencies for GeoFIS working properly).

Some GeoFIS operations needs the R software (version >= 3.6) to be installed for working.
Your Linux distribution contain a default R software. We recommend to use the latest available R software for your distribution, some R packages used by GeoFIS are not available (or have bugs) with older version of R.
Follow instructions to install or update R software on Linux.
At the first launch of GeoFIS, or after a major update of R software, the required R packages will be compiled and installed (this can be quite long…).

Select your Operating System, and follow instructions “Add repository and install manually” to install the GeoFIS package for your Linux distribution:

For Mint 21.x, Select Ubuntu Operating System and install version xUbuntu 22.04.
For Mint 20.x, Select Ubuntu Operating System and install version xUbuntu 20.04.
For LMDE 5, Select Debian Operating System and install version Debian 11.
For other Linux distributions install GeoFIS on Docker or install GeoFIS from sources

Launch GeoFIS from desktop menu or terminal /opt/geofis/

Training datasets are available in folder “/var/lib/geofis/data”.

The GeoFIS updates will be proposed with the system updates.

By installing GeoFIS you accept the CeCILL free software license agreement